Zonelite Max

Zonelite Max

High quality natural soil conditioner rich in humic acid

Sports turf with high sand profiles often has low levels of carbon. h. Humic acid is a natural source of labile carbon usually found in the organic matter portion of a soil. It promotes nutrient recycling, improves soil structure and maximises the effectiveness of applied fertilisers. Zonelite Max is derived from sub-bituminous coal formed in a fresh water environment. It has the highest concentrations of Humic and Fulvic Acids (75% and higher) and is extremely soluble for rapid breakdown and availability in all soil types.


  • Improves soil texture and capacity for moisture retention
  • Promotes fertiliser efficiency
  • Binds nutrients in the soil making them more available for plants and microbes
  • Buffers soil pH
  • Stimulates beneficial mycorrhizal species
  • Promotes root development and plant health
  • Enhances health, colour and vigour of turf

Suitable for all year round application.


Product Information Sheet
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