BIOS® Turf Tonic

BIOS® Turf Tonic

A microbial pro-biotic nutriment

BIOS Turf Tonic 2 partsSports turf is “stressed” much of the time due to close mowing, wear, temperature extremes and drought. In these conditions the plant often struggles to deliver sufficient nutrients to support a healthy microbial community. BIOS® Turf Tonic stimulates and maintains the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi. Healthy levels of microbes improve soil structure, root development and availability of nutrients. This provides the basis for a healthier more cost effective turf management programme.


  • Promotes a healthy microbial community
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increases aerobic environment
  • Stimulates the development of deep rooting
  • Increases nutrient availability for improved plant health, vigour and colour
  • Improves the plants natural resistance to disease and drought
  • Easy to use liquids with good tank mix compatibility.

Suitable for all year round application.

SIZES:  Part 1 4 x 10L + Part 2 10L, Part 1 1000L + Part 2 250L

Product Information Sheet
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