Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge

Silica treatment for upright growth and strength

Although silica is not an essential nutrient, it has many benefits for both turf performance and the health of the plant and soil. The silica in Diamond Edge strengthens cell walls promoting an upright growth, stronger roots and increased resistance to stress. The combination of natural silica and key micronutrients in Diamond Edge acts as general plant tonic and supports the colonisation of microbes in the rootzone.


  • Contains 12.5% w/v Silicon (27% w/v Si0₂)
  • Micronised formulation increases availability of silicon to the plant
  • Promotes upright growth for increased ball speed
  • Strengthens plant cell walls for greater wear tolerance
  • Triggers natural defence responses
  • Stimulates microbial communities

Suitable for all year round application.


Product Information Sheet
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