Defence II

Defence II

Concentrated Phosphite P-based nutrient with Potassium for plant health and stress recovery

Defence IIPhosphorus is essential for the promotion of root development and establishment of turf grass. During periods of rapid growth or stress, energy supply to all parts of the plant depends on the rapid translocation of phosphorus and other nutrients. Defence II is a highly concentrated PK liquid nutrient, based on plant-available Phosphorus in the Phosphite (PO₃) form. The unique formulation of Defence II stimulates the uptake and subsequent mobility of essential nutrients in the plant, producing rapid response even under stress conditions.


· Improves plant health and recovery from stress
· Promotes rapid uptake of nutrients
· Enhances root development
· Stimulates plant’s natural defence systems
· Highly concentrated
· Easy to mix and easy to use

Suitable for all year round application.


Product Information Sheet
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