It is an understanding of both the practical needs of turf professionals and the science behind turf health that defines the Soil Harmony range.

All Soil Harmony sports turf products are formulated using the best quality materials for easy incorporation into existing maintenance schedules.

Soil Correctives
SOIL CORRECTIVES: Balancing pH and nutrients

Carefully balanced pH and nutrient levels are fundamental requirements for healthy microbial communities. The Soil Corrective range is designed to adjust pH, address nutrient deficiencies and improve soil structure to create conditions where microbes can flourish.

Soil Harmony Icon_Biological
BIOLOGICAL: stimulating microbial communities

Healthy microbial communities are vital for soil structure, root development and the continued nourishment of the grass plant. The Biological range consists of microbial inoculants and feeds to introduce and maintain a diverse range of beneficial microbes.

Soil Harmony Icon_Turf Nutrients
TURF NUTRIENTS: maintaining a healthy balance

Once established, microbial activity and plant health can be maintained through carefully balanced nutrition programmes. The Turf Nutrient range consists of carbon-fusion fertilisers and high analysis tank mix nutrients formulated to work in harmony with the growing plant and soil life communities.

Soil Harmony Icon_Turf Health
ADVANCED TURF HEALTH TREATMENTS: enhancing health, performance and stress resistance

Comprising of natural supplements, biostimulants, oxygen generators, and wetting agents the Advanced Turf Health range uses the latest advances in plant science and nutrition to promote vigour and stress resistance and to target potential plant health problems.