Our Approach


Your soil is the foundation for a healthy, high performance turf. We place particular emphasis on optimising and sustaining the fertility of your soil by stimulating and maintaining the microbial activity.  

Turfgrass swards are home to some of the highest concentrations of microorganisms. The bacteria and fungi that make up the microbial community perform functions vital to the health of your turf. They are responsible for breaking down dead plant and animal material and recycling nutrients and improving the structure of your soil. Living in close association with turf grass roots they influence all the important processes relating to plant health including nutrient exchange, root growth and natural resistance to diseases and environment stress. Their abundance, diversity and activity have a direct impact on the quality of the turf, influencing, moisture levels, thatch accumulation, plant growth, colour, cover and ultimately play performance.

The life processes of the plant: nutrition and metabolism, growth and development, environmental and stress physiology are all vital to maintaining a healthy, functional turf. Our products and programmes are designed not simply to correct and promote soil and plant health but critically to maximise their effectiveness by stimulating microbial activity and the biological processes relating to plant nutrition and health.

A healthy balanced soil and plant medium with a diverse microbial community can achieve:

  • healthy vibrant turf
  • better tolerance to wear, temperature and stress
  • uniformity of colour
  • reduced reliance on pesticides
  • targeted nutrition
  • reduced inputs